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TiCR™ for Research & Development

Dramatically Improve the Project Assessment Process

By identifying the small subset of R&D projects which have the potential to truly drive strategic value before valuable resources are invested in collaborative review, TiCR dramatically streamlines project screening, and transforms selecting R&D projects from a subjective, labor-intensive scrum to an efficient,  empirically-driven business process.

Invest in What’s Most Relevant

TiCR Innovation Analytics™ is the first-ever tool which provides R&D managers with a simple, objective system to help them direct their R&D resources to addressing the most significant enterprise goals – before investing a dollar in execution. This helps filter out projects which, though they may be technically compelling, simply wouldn’t move the needle.

Enabling smarter, easier project selection.

TiCR evaluates projects to determine which ones have the most potential to confer strategic value to the enterprise regardless of technology or marketplace silo. This allows R&D managers to compare disparate technologies / innovations using a single set of measures.

In addition to streamlining the process, TiCR evaluates all proposals on a level playing field. This allows high-potential opportunities which may have otherwise been screened out or under-appreciated – such as major advances in emerging areas – to be reviewed on an equal footing as those which are most relevant to the firm’s current business, broadening the firm’s range of potential innovation.


Eliminate Project Strand: Direct the Project Selection Process to Clearly-Defined Innovation Targets

By separating the analysis of intrinsic value of an R&D project from the separate issue of determining its technical feasibility, TiCR is a better predictor of commercial uptake. This greatly reduces the potential for projects to be successful technical yet fail at the commercialization stage (a/k/a “project strand”).

Keep up with the ever-changing innovation landscape.

By interfacing with external data, TiCR’s analytic tools can generate meaningful insights about the relationship between external innovation and internal priorities and capabilities. This makes TiCR a powerful analytic tool for gaining strategic insight, evaluating make/buy decisions, and tracking technology trends.

Gain valuable insight into your firm’s innovation activities.

TiCR’s powerful analytical tools allow the firm’s internal innovation topography to be analyzed to discover gaps, strengths, and partnering assets. This allows innovation investment resources to be directed to the most useful, value-producing areas of the business.