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TiCR Innovation Analytics™ – One Down, Thousands to Go!

After over two years of development and testing, it gives us great pride to announce that we’ve just completed our first paid, commercial installation of TiCR Innovation Analytics.

The installation was a pilot with a major international pharma company, focused on both disruptive and incremental innovation in drug delivery technologies.

TiCR™* gathered over 23,000 datapoints from nearly 100 technology experts, spread across 4 distinct drug-delivery technology areas.  80% of the participants answered most or all of the questions, resulting in over 70% of all possible questions being answered. This is a huge level of participation for a study of this type. And, although the numbers clearly tell the tale, we were also very pleased to receive several unsolicited emails from participants expressing enthusiasm for the product and appreciation for the opportunity to participate in prioritizing promising innovation targets.

The pilot was designed as a comparison with the firm’s existing innovation targeting and budgeting process, with a primary objective of testing whether TiCR would produce well-differentiated results vs. the traditional approach. TiCR passed the test with flying colors, identifying 29 unique and unanticipated innovation investment targets out of 130 potential ones, and 270 potential external innovation partners who are working on relevant technologies.

This strong response rate and large data set generated by the pilot will serve as a basis for broader implementation of TiCR going forward and, perhaps most importantly, provides proof-of-concept for the several dozen firms which have expressed interest pending a successful first implementation of the system.

In a nutshell, with this successful pilot, TiCR Innovation Analytics has blown by a major milestone at light-speed – the best holiday gift we could have asked for!

If you are manager overseeing a portfolio of innovation investments – such as CVC deals or R&D projects – and would like a demonstration of how TiCR can help you identify the most strategically-relevant targets, empirically measure and communicate their value to C-level and line manager stakeholders, and track contribution to your firm’s business goals over time, please feel free to get in touch.

TiCR Innovation Analytics is now officially open for business!

About TiCR Innovation Analytics

TiCR™ Innovation Analytics™ is the first-ever SaaS-based system for measuring the strategic value of innovation options in large enterprises. Based on Synchrony’s patent-pending Innovation Capital™ system of quantifying strategic value, TiCR provides CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, heads of R&D and heads of corporate venture capital with a robust, dynamic, data-driven system for targeting innovation areas which have the greatest potential to advance their firm’s business goals, easily identifying the internal and external innovation opportunities which have the greatest relevance to those goals.

The TiCR Pilot Program:

The TiCR Pilot Program is a limited-implementation installation of the TiCR Innovation Analytics software platform. It is designed to deliver actionable insights across a subset of a firm’s innovation landscape, and is offered as a reduced cost proof-of-concept to companies which are considering a full license of TiCR SaaS.

A typical pilot would include:

  • 2-3 Technology Departments
  • A series of Strategy and Innovation targeting workshops to customize the installation
  • Evaluations from a total cohort of 50-200 Domain Experts
  • Deliverable: a C-level presentation of initial TiCR output, including analysis, graphs, and synopsis of findings.

For more information, please contact Adam Caper at

* TiCR = Total Innovation Capital Returns™